Moveable Cities

There are different ways to start a sentence. Just as there are different ways to live a life. For some time it was about the spires and minarets of temples on the sea, the ceramic tile of an ancient wall with bullet holes punched as a recent addition to thousand year old battle scars, white-haired… Continue reading Moveable Cities

Contemplating Greatness in Hill Country

Sri Lanka is the greatest island of its size in the world– Marco Polo said that. He was a great man. I look out the windows of the bouncy train to see foliage crowning granite monoliths that rise a straight thousand feet into rich grey clouds. The orange-dust-lined tea plantations are spangled bright green. Out… Continue reading Contemplating Greatness in Hill Country

Daniel Adler At Home In The Himalayas

I needed something stable after my first Indian illness. In Mumbai the hostel man with feminine fingers told me I’m safe as long as I eat in a restaurant. When Ram and I walked to a “famous” Amritsar vendor with pre-made food outside and indoor seating (the sign of a restaurant), and he told me… Continue reading Daniel Adler At Home In The Himalayas