A Traveler’s Guide to the Great Rivers of the World

The great rivers of the world are all very unique and can be seen in your backyard, if you look closely enough. First let’s talk about the Amazon, since it is the biggest river in terms of water discharge and the widest at its mouth at roughly two miles. It is one of the world’s… Continue reading A Traveler’s Guide to the Great Rivers of the World

Daniel Adler Remembers the USA

I remember the USA. When I first crossed it, we talked about how awesome it was over dinner, when the ladies who had been working the counter for thirty-five years, who had probably had countless affairs with truck drivers, and who were long past their prime, served us eight dollar steaks and split pea soup.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Remembers the USA

Daniel Adler Tastes Nirvana

When I travel I get the most satisfaction out of walking around a city. India is really safe, so even though there are millions of people, and seeing the poverty can be alarming, and the smells can be strong, I staved off culture shock. Except… When I walked past the meat market after it had… Continue reading Daniel Adler Tastes Nirvana

Go West Young Man

In the bayous the live oaks are hung with Spanish moss and vines crawling all up an down ’em and egrets prance around and a weak breeze floats the pine boughs and waves the oak limbs. Above the sky is high and blue rich light Southern. There’s something quite different about driving west. Horace Greeley… Continue reading Go West Young Man

Daniel Adler Down in the Delta

This morning we went to the Waffle House. Daniel Adler got his hash browns smothered (onions), popped (jalapenos), diced (tomatoes) and capped (mushrooms), a hot cup of coffee, grits, eggs with the yolks holded. Then we went to the Full Gospel Tabernacle to see Bishop Al Green. He talked about Adam and how he turned… Continue reading Daniel Adler Down in the Delta

Another Description of The Missisippi River and America

I wrote this while drinking Sapporo and rolling Bali Shag and playing guitar Sunday night. Yeah that Daniel Adler, he’s some bohemian. It’s pretty much as is: we are going to have so much fun crossing that Mississippi that swollen vestibular brown member that cuts and drains the great American continent, collecting waters from valleys… Continue reading Another Description of The Missisippi River and America