(Part Of) What I Wrote On The Plane This Morning

I am sitting on the plane reading Henry Miller. His misanthropy inspires confidence. I feel my fingers dance a waltz over the keyboard. I realized I did not write yesterday. I read but I didn’t write and I am ashamed. This morning on the plane, while falling asleep, my head bobbled and see-sawed. It was… Continue reading (Part Of) What I Wrote On The Plane This Morning

Why Daniel Adler Loves Texas

Texas is so different from the rest of the South. First it was Spanish, then Mexican, then its own nation (after Mexico refused it statehood, as a result of the American Federalist Spirit, resentful of taxation without representation, home to Texians), an American state, proud keystone and stepping stone in the southern United States and… Continue reading Why Daniel Adler Loves Texas