Adding Entropy to Experience in Udaipur

As I sat on the back of the large took-took, Jan sitting in the middle and the driver in the front, the beauty of travel struck me. A white-turbanned old man passed us on his scooter, we rolled past signs that said Eye Doctor and Lasik, and the town was abuzz on Friday night forContinue reading “Adding Entropy to Experience in Udaipur”

Why I Hate Sick People

I started getting a little bleary on the plane from Istanbul to Bucharest and by the time we had bussed it in and showered, I had to confess I had slight pains in my lower back. “I know that feeling,” Anthony said, which reassured me, “You probably have the flu,” which discouraged me. Sick? IContinue reading “Why I Hate Sick People”

A Long Day At Epehsus

It wasn’t a short day, I thought, as I ran bread in hand to catch the 720 train, unworried, but hurried. My belly was full from the meatballs with yogurt and rice and salad, and the Coke, which was bubbly and sweet, full of caffeine, and which caused the expression on my face I makeContinue reading “A Long Day At Epehsus”