Daniel Adler Does Amsterdam Like a Local

Over the past two months I’ve visited seven countries, some more and some less civilized. The Netherlands is the most civilized I’ve seen yet. “Civilized?” Don’t worry, this isn’t about postcolonialism. I mean walking down the streets without feeling anxious; libraries and punctual public transportation; and no feral animals. According to these criteria, Holland is… Continue reading Daniel Adler Does Amsterdam Like a Local

What Makes Italy Italian (And The U.S. American)

Past the Piazza Plebisicito where all the statues of great men in Neapolitan history stand in their alcoves, down the line from Roger the Norman with his ancient mustache and weird neckbeard, to Charles III with his French coif to Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies with his Hapsburg jaw; past the building, two hundred… Continue reading What Makes Italy Italian (And The U.S. American)

A “Bearish” Post: Dracula, Sleds and Italy

I love Italy. After the U.S. it’s probably my favorite country in the world. Considering I’ve only been to about 30 countries that’s not saying too much, but hey, there’s a reason it has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And I’ve known that the day would come for Anthony and me to part. After… Continue reading A “Bearish” Post: Dracula, Sleds and Italy

A Post Postmodern Italy

We rented a car and stocked up at the supermercado with formaggi and tomatoes and salami and olives and cold and hot salads and sat in the small Euro car traffic. We drove past Carrarra marble fields where Michelangelo handpicked his canvases and the waking slaves were probably his realization that the rocks weren’t what… Continue reading A Post Postmodern Italy