Daniel Adler Back in Delhi

As the bus drove away from the whitecapped mountains, I remembered my veranda, and the sunsets and evenings I spent alone, or walking upstairs to Shira and Junko, or going to Tom Yam Thai, passing time, living, writing, eating, reading, all soft and shaded by orange gloaming or bright mountain sun. I’m already gone. Now… Continue reading Daniel Adler Back in Delhi

Why Not To Worry While You Travel

We took a chook-chook (auto rickshaw) to Qutab Minar, a World Heritage Site, mosque, column, ruins, very sacred, 800 years old, and as soon as we bought our tickets, Dad realized he didn’t have his hat. I had taken the bag from him in the chook-chook, and the hat was in the bag, he said,… Continue reading Why Not To Worry While You Travel

Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

It started because I wanted to live abroad, but getting my Irish citizenship in order to live in the E.U. proved too complicated. My mom was the first one in her family born in the U.S., so I’d have to go through my grandparents. And finding their marriage certificate, and getting the other necessary paperwork… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

Why I Hate Sick People

I started getting a little bleary on the plane from Istanbul to Bucharest and by the time we had bussed it in and showered, I had to confess I had slight pains in my lower back. “I know that feeling,” Anthony said, which reassured me, “You probably have the flu,” which discouraged me. Sick? I… Continue reading Why I Hate Sick People

Daniel Adler Dances Through Istanbul

The sun shone golden through my beer as I watched the bubbles spin. It was kind of Anthony to buy me this beer; I usually don’t drink so early in the afternoon. We were in a cafe across the Bosphorus, in Asia, technically, and I felt good and drunk. The tall pretty bartender with curly… Continue reading Daniel Adler Dances Through Istanbul

Daniel Adler and the Oracle at Delphi

On the subway, Anthony nodded at me and directed his gaze behind me at a girl, who then came and sat across from me, her almond shaped eyes and fine Greek nose turned in three quarter profile. I admired her, then before I got too creepy (which I’m working on) I admired her in the… Continue reading Daniel Adler and the Oracle at Delphi