Why the Dalai Lama is Like Stalin

Dharamshala, in Northern India, is a lot like Bushwick. During the day, see people working on crafts, wood carving or knitting; water coloring; playing guitar; smoking hash; drawing in coloring books. Almost everyone smokes cigarettes. There are communities of Israelis, Russians, Australians, Japanese, Americans, Tibetans, Indians. Some are traveling like me, but only in India,… Continue reading Why the Dalai Lama is Like Stalin

Daniel Adler Safaris Kaziranga National Park

For the past three days I’ve been in the Northeast Indian state of Assam with no internet, no phone, and no tv. Three months ago I wasn’t even sure this was part of India, the part east of Bangladesh. Since all India is on the same time zone, and since this state is so far… Continue reading Daniel Adler Safaris Kaziranga National Park

Daniel Adler Lands In India

Westerners always smile about India. “Go there,” they say, “then you’ll see. I spent three and a half months. The smells, the colors. Oh, I’m jealous. You’re going to have such a great time.” Others take their experience in the subcontinent the way you’d take a beating. “Don’t look them in the eyes,” they say.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Lands In India