Daniel Adler Remembers the USA

I remember the USA. When I first crossed it, we talked about how awesome it was over dinner, when the ladies who had been working the counter for thirty-five years, who had probably had countless affairs with truck drivers, and who were long past their prime, served us eight dollar steaks and split pea soup.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Remembers the USA

Daniel Adler Tastes Nirvana

When I travel I get the most satisfaction out of walking around a city. India is really safe, so even though there are millions of people, and seeing the poverty can be alarming, and the smells can be strong, I staved off culture shock. Except… When I walked past the meat market after it had… Continue reading Daniel Adler Tastes Nirvana

The People are Plenty and The Jobs Are Few

Last night we went to a Bushwick rooftop party. Everyone there was nice and interesting. There were many foreigners, Spaniards, Germans, Brits, good folks. Each one I asked how they like the United States. They mostly had only seen New York and were impressed with its cosmopolitanism, which I appreciated. They said that they expected… Continue reading The People are Plenty and The Jobs Are Few