Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

On a jouncy five in the afternoon bus to Kota, I shut my eyes, burning from desert dust, while wind heated my face like a hairdryer. I chose the back because my bag had to have a seat, is far too big to put up in the baggage racks. I grunted noticeably when the bus… Continue reading Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

What To Do With No Power In India

Today the power was out in Bhagsu. I managed to check my e-mail at Tom Yam Tai before Shira and Junko met me for lunch. Shira complained about the price and the amount of chicken in his green curry, but my pad thai was pretty good. We walked home to the patio, where Shira and… Continue reading What To Do With No Power In India

Why the Dalai Lama is Like Stalin

Dharamshala, in Northern India, is a lot like Bushwick. During the day, see people working on crafts, wood carving or knitting; water coloring; playing guitar; smoking hash; drawing in coloring books. Almost everyone smokes cigarettes. There are communities of Israelis, Russians, Australians, Japanese, Americans, Tibetans, Indians. Some are traveling like me, but only in India,… Continue reading Why the Dalai Lama is Like Stalin

Daniel Adler Tastes Nirvana

When I travel I get the most satisfaction out of walking around a city. India is really safe, so even though there are millions of people, and seeing the poverty can be alarming, and the smells can be strong, I staved off culture shock. Except… When I walked past the meat market after it had… Continue reading Daniel Adler Tastes Nirvana

Daniel Adler Lands In India

Westerners always smile about India. “Go there,” they say, “then you’ll see. I spent three and a half months. The smells, the colors. Oh, I’m jealous. You’re going to have such a great time.” Others take their experience in the subcontinent the way you’d take a beating. “Don’t look them in the eyes,” they say.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Lands In India

Daniel Adler Sobers Up

I wanted to go out after the five hour bus ride– Krakow! A tall woman with big blue eyes in a yellow pea coat asked me if I needed help when I was looking at the tram map. She rode with me and asked for my blog address and told me where to get off.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Sobers Up