Damn Bro, That’s Some Metamodern Shit

Sometimes you just don’t know how to act. You gotta balance how you feel and how you’re supposed to feel. There have been a lot of  variations on this theme; passion vs. reason, man vs. society, w/e. But for the twenty-first century let’s call ’em, your subjective reality, and the collective reality. What you would… Continue reading Damn Bro, That’s Some Metamodern Shit

>April Fools Day in Postmodernism

> This is where I’m going to stay, maybe. I’m going to Europe. I just received my Irish citizenship so that I can be a Euro Zone member and work wherever I want. Like in a month or two. I’m up and leaving. London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, I don’t quite know yet. But I will… Continue reading >April Fools Day in Postmodernism