Post Postmodernism Is Funny

Jeez sorry guys. My mom has been here for the past three weeks, it was my birthday, etc. She gives you all her best though. Except you Dad. And Gramma. She still hates both of you. Alas, it is more difficult to love than to hate. Tell me about it. No. Not here. So I… Continue reading Post Postmodernism Is Funny

>Infinite Jest is The Postmodern Novel

> Half of Daniel Adler‘s college thesis was that Gravity’s Rainbow is the postmodern novel. In 1973, it epitomized a new form and style. Its allusiveness was sporadic and overwhelming and Pynchon’s understanding of life and ability to form stories remains admirable. But when all is said and done, Pynchon was born in 1937. He… Continue reading >Infinite Jest is The Postmodern Novel