Hate Ain’t Just For Classic Literature

classic literatureD.H. Lawrence wrote about hate really well in all of his classic literature. Sometimes I find myself hating. Someone looks at me on the subway that way and I hate them.

Of course, we’re taught in elementary school that ‘hate’ is a bad word, and to reserve it only for the severest circumstances, but that’s just children’s talk. I drew a schematic: love and indifference are opposites. Hate and Lust/Desire are opposites. Hate is halfway between love and indifference on the repulsion side. Lust/Desire is halfway between love and indifference on the possession side. Jealousy is in the exact middle.

Hate happens all the time and it’s entirely natural — whether around strangers or enemies you pretend to like and see all the time but deep down you don’t — just admit it, they’re out of tune and you hate them.

And what’s even better is when you hate someone you love. That happens all the time. Your dad or your second best friend or your co-worker says something to you and you think about what they meant and you conclude that it wasn’t good — you can read between the lines — and it wasn’t good and you hate them, you want them away from you.

Next time you see them, it disintegrates and you’re second best friends again. But that hate was real. Most of the time though, it’s not conscious. You may realize you’re in a bad mood, and decide to have a drink or watch your favorite TV show and make it go away.

Hate can be a quick rush, it can last an afternoon or it can last a lifetime. The longer it lasts the weaker it is and the more effort it requires. But don’t push it away. It’s part of life. Embrace it. Even if you have to hate it.


By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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