>The O.G.s of Bushwick


Bushwick is cracking lately. Arancini Bros. has killer rice balls next to Wreck Room, The Morgan’s soft opening this weekend was a success, and Cafe Gia on Irving and a row of other little restaurants may make Irving St. the ideal walk in the neighborhood.

Morgantown is like a college campus. It is literally a small town, except without a mayor, although we nominate Cat Agonis, for her vast knowledge of New York, and in order to help promote her forthcoming genre-blurring novel, Chicken on the Hudson.

All these people be coming outta the woodwork and new hordes of youngsters be moving in. Just wait till summer. Hell, just wait till next year. I’m going to be an O.G. of Bushwick pretty soon. 

All these new joints in town make it seem like we never have to leave. And we don’t, really. Because our thriving arts culture is at the heart of it all. Those who know about Bushwick have the vague idea that it is semi-desirable. Boy, they have no idea.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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  1. The area you call “morgantown” is not even in Bushwick….
    Where your little map ends at Flushing Av. is actually the Williamsburg/Bushwick border.

    I get it that you new folks moving in want to distinguish yourself from the condos and pricey generic overload happening over by Bedford,
    but BUSHWICK is already a large, thriving neighborhood with a history of its own. Come on -if you’re going to represent than at least know your geography!
    Many Brooklyn natives can’t help but roll our eyes at how “Bushwick” now even extends to Graham Ave. according to some people looking to exercise the cultural cache of living in a “hip” ‘hood.

    Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with living in East Williamsburg – except calling it “Bushwick!”

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