>Boat Shoes Are One Step Closer


So because I’m on that grown man train, I need to ditch my Nike Dunks and get some boat shoes for the summer. That’s cool, especially because not only do I not want to wear heavy black sneakers in mid-July but I don’t want to wear sandals either and expose my feet to the filth of New York City streets. To achieve these boat shoes I am blogging about a company that offered them to me at a discounted rate. Now because I am young and poor and need to look good, I must do everything I can to get what I want, including selling blog posts for shoes. This helped me clean up my room back in December with a new bureau, upon which currently rests my classic literature.

I’ve also been thinking about track lighting which will provide me with more light in my bedroom because if you don’t have sufficient lighting while reading classic literature you can strain your eyes which eventually may mean glasses.

Here’s another site you can follow if you want to be in on deals about furnishings and whatnot that will allow you to live less like a starving artist and more like the normal people in society: http://www.jossandmain.com/store/myinvite/bil

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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