“Routine Maintenance” in J Journal (Forthcoming Fall 2021)

“Disney” in Storgy (Forthcoming June 2021)

Camping With Aunt Fi” in The Broadkill Review (Spring 2021)

The Dogmaster” in Calliope (Winter 2021)

Pelicans” in Daily Drunk Mag (December 2020)

The Puppetmaster” in The Cardiff Review (July 2020)

The Mime” in Eastern Iowa Review (March 2020)

The Parody” in Anti-Heroin Chic (Feb. 2020)

Making Sense of Suffering, Arrival and Art” in Entropy (April 2019)

That End of August Feeling” in Maudlin House (Dec. 2018)

My Violet Hour” in Queen Mob’s Teahouse (April 2018)

“The Thaw” in Paris Lit Up (Spring 2018)

Buen Dia” in Trop (Feb. 2018)

Sacrifice” in The Ogilvie (Nov. 2017)

“Rio de la Plata” in Five 2 One (Spring 2017)

“Confluence” in Indiana Voice Journal (Nov. 2016)

Part I of Sebastian’s Babylon in The Opiate (2015-2016)

“The Acheron” in BlazeVox and an alternate version in ThoseThatThis (Fall 2015)

“The Mistake” in Bushwick Nightz (Catopolis, 2014)

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