What To Do With No Power In India

Today the power was out in Bhagsu. I managed to check my e-mail at Tom Yam Tai before Shira and Junko met me for lunch. Shira complained about the price and the amount of chicken in his green curry, but my pad thai was pretty good. We walked home to the patio, where Shira and… Continue reading What To Do With No Power In India

Sheera’s Story of Gaptu Singa

Sheera is a Punjabi Sikh who lives off the upstairs patio. To get to the bathroom I go past his room, unless I go around the back, through the weeds. He’s staying here with his new wife, Jinko, who’s from a town outside Osaka. They were staying down the road, but they decided to extend… Continue reading Sheera’s Story of Gaptu Singa