A “Bearish” Post: Dracula, Sleds and Italy

I love Italy. After the U.S. it’s probably my favorite country in the world. Considering I’ve only been to about 30 countries that’s not saying too much, but hey, there’s a reason it has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And I’ve known that the day would come for Anthony and me to part. After… Continue reading A “Bearish” Post: Dracula, Sleds and Italy

Daniel Adler’s Dead Sea Tips

Camels have bad teeth. Our camel we named Monterrey. They are strong, like horses but they have a cloven foot and chew the cud. When we arrived at Masada the sunlight shone through the clouds onto the Dead Sea illuminating it. The cloud cover is heavier and the sun shines more strongly. Masada was built… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s Dead Sea Tips