Daniel Adler Back in Delhi

As the bus drove away from the whitecapped mountains, I remembered my veranda, and the sunsets and evenings I spent alone, or walking upstairs to Shira and Junko, or going to Tom Yam Thai, passing time, living, writing, eating, reading, all soft and shaded by orange gloaming or bright mountain sun. I’m already gone. Now… Continue reading Daniel Adler Back in Delhi

What To Do With No Power In India

Today the power was out in Bhagsu. I managed to check my e-mail at Tom Yam Tai before Shira and Junko met me for lunch. Shira complained about the price and the amount of chicken in his green curry, but my pad thai was pretty good. We walked home to the patio, where Shira and… Continue reading What To Do With No Power In India

Daniel Adler Refuses to Regret

I saw the sweet-smelling Israeli girl again. I saw her a few days ago, when she and her friends were walking into Bhagsu to see the temple. And today I thought it was her, and I noticed the pink soles of her shoes, confirming that it was her. She said she’s moving here. She came… Continue reading Daniel Adler Refuses to Regret