Daniel Adler At An Indian Wedding

Daniel walked to Roshan’s shop slightly after six. He waited there and watched the end of what must have been 2012,  a clearly terrible movie despite the very nice notion of all surviving humans returning to the continent whence they originally came. Roshan played bad Indian music and showed him pictures of attractive American girls… Continue reading Daniel Adler At An Indian Wedding

Sheera’s Story of Gaptu Singa

Sheera is a Punjabi Sikh who lives off the upstairs patio. To get to the bathroom I go past his room, unless I go around the back, through the weeds. He’s staying here with his new wife, Jinko, who’s from a town outside Osaka. They were staying down the road, but they decided to extend… Continue reading Sheera’s Story of Gaptu Singa

Daniel Adler At Home In The Himalayas

I needed something stable after my first Indian illness. In Mumbai the hostel man with feminine fingers told me I’m safe as long as I eat in a restaurant. When Ram and I walked to a “famous” Amritsar vendor with pre-made food outside and indoor seating (the sign of a restaurant), and he told me… Continue reading Daniel Adler At Home In The Himalayas

The Touchables

The third thing Dad said when we woke this morning was, “I know what we should do for the untouchable kids. Tonight we’ll take them out for ice cream.” In my head, I imagined flocks of untouchables following us into the ice cream store, dissatisfied with just one scoop and wanting more, more: money, food,… Continue reading The Touchables