Balthus’ Postmodernism

By Daniel Adler What if I told you I painted a picture of a 12-year-old girl showing her panties? Pretty perverse, you’d think. Maybe you’d reconsider our friendship, or more likely, reading this blog. But Balthus did just that. How did he get away with it? Better yet, how did he get his weird paintings… Continue reading Balthus’ Postmodernism

Freedom and Writing

My Granny calls me today, tells me she doesn’t like a sentence from a few blog posts ago. That’s part of traveling, meeting people, maybe falling in love, gathering stories and experience. It’s what I must do, not necessarily to write masterpieces, but to understand people, to be free. What is freedom? It’s doing what… Continue reading Freedom and Writing

The 10 Best Blog Posts in Daniel Adler’s Internet Warehouse of 2011

It felt like spring this morning. There was a birdfight and the window was open for a little breeze. The sky is blue and the light filters through the blinds, casting a long golden bar on the floor. Is it New Year’s Eve, really? I’ve written a lot this year, more than 150 posts, and… Continue reading The 10 Best Blog Posts in Daniel Adler’s Internet Warehouse of 2011

A Piece of Daniel Adler’s Novel

Sick of writing self-absorbed bullshit, sexual misadventures and quiet prose, Daniel Adler decided to randomly choose a passage from his novel he has been working on for the past two years for this blog post. I read “War and Peace” in bed for an hour because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Finally… Continue reading A Piece of Daniel Adler’s Novel

The First 200 Words That Came To Daniel Adler

Daniel Adler is on the verge of a new epoch and is subconsciously preparing himself for it. His actions give in to extremeness and he does not set out to conquer; he is waiting, planning, working to make slow advances. And then when the time is right he will move quickly and the pace of… Continue reading The First 200 Words That Came To Daniel Adler

Proust Gives Daniel Adler Boners

Sometimes in the morning in between unlocking my bike from the banister and swinging my foot over the seat, I would think about all the many times I’ve done this before; and what lay before me would either be a road gravelly and cold with salted streaks running down the cracked and bumpy macadam while… Continue reading Proust Gives Daniel Adler Boners

A Spaghetti Disquisition

Rossini’s “Thieving Magpie Overture” is impossible for me to listen to without remembering the scene in A Clockwork Orange when Alex slices his droogies. It’s also very hard to get the timing right on pasta when I’m defrosting a sauce (which was a tad too watery last week and which hopefully will be tastier now… Continue reading A Spaghetti Disquisition