> A post postmodern dialogue between some New York writers at The Archive: “I’m going to start a blog. It’s going to be called GD.”“Like god damn?”“No it stands for gonna die.”“Ahh.”“It’s going to be short posts about fuckin’ shit that makes you wanna die.”“Like fml?” says Gio.“What’s fml?”“Oh, fml started as a blog?!”“Yea.”“Wow, that… Continue reading >GD

>Bach and the Waterbottle Fugue

> Johann Sebastian Bach loved his god. He dedicated every Sunday to him, and every Sunday for three years wrote a cantata. A cantata is a medium length narrative piece of music with vocals and orchestral suites. He was a master, logged in his 10,000 hours, and could sit down and write a three hour… Continue reading >Bach and the Waterbottle Fugue

>Lamentation for the Semicolon

>   Poor semicolon; Dr. Johnson ushered in the golden age for it, and after that it was all downhill. It’s a very Ciceronian piece of punctuation; a method of concomitance that allows the speaker to continue on without stopping; the perfect punctuation for a speech, or a long digression. There’s no need for conjunctions… Continue reading >Lamentation for the Semicolon

>Neurosurgery Confessionals

> I wrote this my freshman year of college for my writing class:  My dad wasn’t around much when I was younger because he was in his residency until he was 36. I can’t blame him  though, since he has to deal with life and death on an unparalleled basis.  This I came to understand… Continue reading >Neurosurgery Confessionals