Free Associative Writing in Post Postmodernism

daniel adler russian cannonSo I’ve got this idea which is a lot like stream of consciousness updated but more focused and digressive. I think that, at least where plot isn’t concerned, digressions make a work more interesting. For example I tried it out today at work when I was writing about mouse traps and I started going on about the Black Death and whether a king had ever died from it because I remembered the conversation I had with Kitty on Saturday night after we went to Lit Lounge, which had a lot of suits because there had been a wedding. When I went upstairs and saw the bathroom line I danced a little and an older woman, the kind who had been once attractive, wanted to dance with me but her husband was right there and even thought it was my jam–“When Doves Cry”–I didn’t feel comfortable because of the looks the older guy gave me. But it turns out only one Princess died, Joanna, who was betrothed to a king of Portugal. She was the daughter of Eddie I, who I believe lived in the Tower of London, and I began to think about that trip I took with Matthew and that fifty foot long cannon, which I think was Russian. They must be really good at building cannons, because I remember those huge cannons and steel bells in the Kremlin that weigh like fifty tons. There must be a word for someone who makes that because it wouldn’t just be an ordinary blacksmith, would it? Cannonsmith? If you know you should tell me because someone tweeted the other day what I’ve always known which is that the more words you know the better your writing will be, because even though you know a lot of different ways to talk about the sky, for example, the word itself, from the Norweigan, is so beautiful that you can better appreciate it for its simplicity. So the practice I had at work was good for improving my post postmodern style.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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